Furniture company , pine & birch furnitures, needed is low price lumber , price 2,5 milj euro - Forstmas Oy

Furniture company , pine & birch furnitures, needed is low price lumber , price 2,5 milj euro

Furniture company complete with models & factory with modern machinery for producing furnitures from pine & birch wood plates, modern models for home and offices, company have produced furnitures over 30 years, now owner is in pension. Factory is still working, 9 workers + office personal, As raw material is high quality pine lumber (fresh ) needed 1000 m3/a and high quality birch lumber (fresh) 500 m3/a raw material.Drying in own kiln oven. Factory place area 0,5 hectares, production halls 2200 m2, modern MACHINERY in production line are following : 4-side moulder Gubish 6-spindels, moulder Weinig 5-spindels, milling machine Sicar, massive pine plate production line, two sanding machines, CNC machines SCM220 and SCM Record, sanding line for plates, wooden plate surface handling machinery, UV-spreader, drying channels, drilling machines, compressors, etc. It is possible to visit factory in Finland . In factory are working 9 workers + office person+ owners, Price for all things in factory is 2,5 mill. euro . Turnower was in this year 600.000 euro, PFOFIT was 10 % of turnower, It is possible to increase turnover to 1,500.000 euro/a& profit to 300.000 euro/a , if the buyer can deliver low price SAWN TIMBER ( priced 50...100 euro/m3 DDU factory) as needed raw material. There is now export to Japan and Sweden aproximately 10 % of turnower.
Key question of developing this mill is low priced , QUALITY PINE LUMBER.
In such case it is possible to increase turnower to 1,5 mil. euro/a and profit 300.000 euro/a
This year the

Industrial capacity: one unit, complete company , now in working
Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 4 m
Price: 2,5 milj euro complete furniture company in Finland
Wood species: Pine, Birch
Product: for sale

Last updated: 2007.10.03