Painting of sawn timber 10.000 m/8h/2-person with 'Easy Coat' machine Price 5.900 euro - Forstmas Oy

Painting of sawn timber 10.000 m/8h/2-person with 'Easy Coat' machine Price 5.900 euro

Painting machine "Easy Coat" for sawn timber boards. Capacity 10.000 m/8 with two person working group. Maximum sizes board 180 x 70 mm, minimum lenght of piece is 800 mm (shorter in special order !).

Painting is possible for one, two, three or four sites of board. There are five sprying pieces, they all are adjustable, three bushing units , driven rollers in outfeed table, Wagner double diaphgragm pneumatic 3...4 bar pump for coating paints, like oil color, latex, redcolor, lacke, treeoil, etc.
electric engine 3 phase 0,37 kW for outfeed table,pneumatic steering of pain sprying, for additionl price inverter for 230 V electric currence -->>0,37 kW for price 320 €,
Alternative PAINTER for planed & moulded timber is type " EC".
Maximum balk size until now was 1200 x 400 mm. Basic model with two spreading units and by computer adjustable feeding speed 5...50 m/min is priced 18.500 € ,
additional spreader heads are priced 1.500 €/pc.
Sanding machine for painted sawn timber FC have price 12.000 €, other type of sanding machine HV 250/4 with turning arms have price 23.700 €, stacking unit for painted boards 200 pcs , with 32 places cost 32.000 €.
DRYING UNIT for oil painted boards, overall sizes 7x7x2,5 m is priced for 53.000 euro.
Thera is available automat infeed system (pneumatic) for automatic infeeding sawn timber from load to painting machine. Price is 82.000 euro.
"Easy Coat" sprying machines have been manufactured over 1.000 units since 1982.

Industrial capacity: Two units in week,
Dimensions: 1000 x 800 x 400 mm + 1,2 m infeed + 2,4 moutfeed tables
Price: 5.900 euro EXW, VAT 0%, in Finland
Wood species: Pine, Spruce, Oak
Product: for sale

Last updated: 2008.07.06