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Products and services:

Sawmill complete lines for producing pine & spruce sawn timber, used, Laimet Kara log circular used saws, circular saw blades, 4-side moulders Weinig & Waco used, pulp & paper machine and equipments used ,steam turbine electric generators

Demand: Pine sawn timber ,HIGH QUALITY, fresh, exactly cutted

cutted in the middle of log, health knots, not black knots, full cants, not bluing, not decay, not worms, lenght 4,6 + 30 cm intervals, up to 5,8 m, tolerance - 0...+ 50 mm, NOMINAL Sizes 25 x 75 , 32 x 75 , 32 x 100 , 32 x 125 , 50 x 100 mm, cutting tolerance 0...+3 mm, Annual need 700 m3, delivered in truck loads to Mantyharju Finland , Price 90 ... 110 euro/m3, VAT 0%, according to the QUALITY of product, payment imeditely after quality cheking and accepting.We organize cusoms controll.
Offer: Drying unit DRYAIR DA 20 condencing type, for soft&hardwood, year 1999, price 10.900 euro

For high quality softwood & hardwood drying unit DRYAIR DA-20 condencing type for 55 m3 capacity in drying kiln chamber , freon gas R 134a used in drying compressor, year of mfg. 1999. Temperature adjustable +25...65 degree Celcius according to the hardness of wood , water separating capacity maximum 1800 liter/24 hours, ( 90% + 45 C) Drying chamber capacity by drying from 60 % humidity to 8 % is 55 m3 solid-m3 wood. Need of electric energy 100...130 kWh/m3 wood. Max. power connection is 100 Amperes, 10 pcs air ventilators with motor 0,55 kW/380Volts/50 herz, compressor power 32,5 kW/380Volts/50 Herz, heating resistance 27 kW/380Vots/50 Herz, Overall sizes of drying unit 4000x1400x1800 mm, mass of unit is 500 kg,

Condencing drying unit Westair Dynamic TS2, year 2000, for drying soft & harwood , max. drying capacity 8 m3-solid wood, with four ventilator, operating use of electricity 6,5 kWh, not much used, unit siz3 1,6 x 1,4 x 0,8 m, additionally is neede to build dryinc chamber. Price dea for unit is 4.400 euro, VAT 0%.
Offer: Moulder WACO HM-200 for producing blocks 140x200 mm, 4-spindels, 1980, price 9.500 euro

WACO HM-200 moulder for blocks max. 140 x 200 mm feeding rolls 3 pcs upper + 3 pcs down, Maximal size of piece to moulded 140 x 200 mm ,spindle axle diameter 45 mm, first lower spindle horizontal, upper spindle horizontally with 7,5 kW motor, the second spindle upper with 11 kW motor, , right vertical spindle with 7,5 kW motor, left vertical spindle with 11 kW motor, hydraulically adjusted feeding speed 0...50 m/min, moulder have operated 25.000 hours, feeding tables in good condition, intermediate sharpening 0,2 mm of cutting knives whithout taking it from machine away, with electric swith box, much cutting knives is
delivered with the moulder.
ADDITIONALLY is ORIGO cross-cutting saw with electric motor available for cutting max. 250x250 mm pieces, price 11.000 €uro EXW, VAT 0%
OR coner frezing machine with saw , price from 19.000 to 40.000 euro depending on technical niveau of new machine.
Offer: Log saw circular type,LAIMET 120 one-men operat, lumber 4.000 m3/a, mfg. 1997, Pr. 55.990 euro

Loig circular type saw Laimet 120 ,made 1997,VERY MODERN WITH ELECTRONIC, in good condition,is the best and most modern circular saw in Finland, one-man operated, for cutting maximum logs up to diameter 750 mm, main motor 45 kW/380 V/50 Herz, with upper saw blade motor 14 kW/380 V/50 Herz,
,log receiving table, one-by-one log feeding, with own hydraulic pump 7,5 kW/380 V/50 Herz, blade sharpener 0,55 kW/380V/50 Herz in saw bench, ELECTRONIC fence setting for sizes to be cutted,operated by push-buttons, hydraulic log adjuster-turner, log fastening in table, laser-beam for adjusting cutting line, saw dust exhauster 3 kW/380 V/50 Herz , mechanical discharging device for cutted lumber & slabs , conveyor for slabs to disc chipper, 4-chain quer conveyour with 9 m lenght for sawn lumber,hydraulic bark frezer ,used board edger for additional price, used condensation dryer unit Dryfinn K12 max.temp. +65 C, & cant-saw Karhula, Sawing line with complete electric swith boxes.
Offer: Debarker for saw logs, VK 26 M renoved 10..61 cm, price 26.000

VK 26 M ring type debarker,totally RENOVED ,in good working condition, for saw logs with 10...61 cm diameter, minimum log lenght 3 m to debark , ring tool rotor motor 30 kW/380Volts/50 Herz, bearings in rotor 50/50 %, 4 pcs debarking cutters & 4 pcs bark abraders in rotor, working pressure in debarking tools is adjusted hydraulically & springs , infeed & automatic centering conveyor 3,3 m for machine with motor 7,5 kW/380Volt/50 Herz, , speed 23 m/min adjustable, on receiving site of debarker is steel plate ,totally mass is 4,5 tons, EXW loaded, in Finland,
With additional supporting rolls (For additionl price) is possible to debark log from 1,8 m lenght. For additional price) Delivery time 3 months.
Offer: Debarker Cambio 70- 66 BA ring type tools, renoved, price 22.000 euro VAT 0% in Finland

Debarker for saw logs Cambio 70-66 BA ring tools type, year of mfg. 1980, for debarking of diameter 10...66 cm, minimum log lenght 4 m, three infeed and three outfeed teethed rollers with one 4 kW electric motor, five debarking tools in ring, driven with 20 kW/380 V/50 Hz electric motor, working pressure on tools adjusted mechanically by springs, Infeed speed is 30 m/min, not electric switch box.
Offer: Sawmill line LINDQVIST, capacity 1500 logs/ shift , max. 500 mm diam.1980 , price 34.000 euro

Complete machinery for LINDQUVIST circular sawmill line, whole saw machinery with needed conveyours, installing of line can be made by our specialist as turn-key basic, now the line is dismantled and storaged in Finland. Instruction for users can be made by us.
Offer: Log debarker VK 26 T rotor type ,diam.10-61 cm, min. 2,4 m,mfg 1980.Price 32.000 euro

VK 26 T rotor debaker is intended for debarking soft and hardwood logs , debarking machine is totally renoved in 1998 year, infeed of logs to debarker is fully automated with log centering conveyor 15 kW/380Volts/50 Herz, motor, debarking speed is adjustablew from 22 to 65 m/min, minimum log lenght is 2,4 m, main rotor motor is 37 kW/380Volts/50 Herz, debarking tools = knives and abraders 4 + 4 pcs, infeed motor 15 kW/380Volt/50 Herz, complete plant with electric switch box and two bark conveyours, with spare knives and other spares, overall sizes 2,25 x 2,48 x 2,7 m, total mass is 7500 kg
Offer: PELLET plant OGM 1,5 ,capacit.1 tn/h ,used, saw dust 12 % humid,diam.8 mm,, price 37.900 euro

Pellet production plant type OGM -1,5 A for pellets from softwood saw dust(pine & spruce) for 800 ...1200 kg quality pellets in hour, raw material humidity of saw dust max. 12 %, (if it is more wet, there is tube dryer needed, price apr.40.000 euro) diffrent matrice diameter 5...15 mm sizes (usefull 8 mm),diameter of matrice ring 480 mm, two matrices in delivery, main motor 37 kW, + grinder 37 kW , totally nominal electric energy connection 99 kW, electric swich box is from Germany, this is complete plant with infeed screw, silo, feeder srew, mixer, presse, elevator, cooler, sorting conveyour. the manufacturer have 60 years experience in pelletizing presses, Please note, the pellet price in market is appr. 220 euro/ton.
Offer: Sawmill line Mecwood, prod. 70.000 m3/a sawn lumber in 2-shifts,mfg. 1998 , price 170.000 euro,

Complete, not much used sawmill line with main machinery circular saws MECWOOD 1200 block saw with 2-blades , for max. log diameter of 600 mm, and Mecwood 750 deviding cant saw with 3-
6 saw blades and max. cutting hight with 500 mm blades is 180 mm, kerf is 3,8...4,2 mm, thouse circular saws are steerd by hydraulic serve steering, infeed speed adjustable from 30 m/nin to 120 m/min, with Cambio 66 BA ring debarker for max. log 600 mm, with two diesel power units 170 kW for block and deviding saws, electric steering for all saw fuctions, not much working power from electric net is needed, for side slabs screw chipper Sasmo, with board trimmin and sorting conveyour, with all needed hydraulic systems + compressor, Total mass of sawmill machinery aproximatelöy 30 tons. Sawmill was build 1998 and not much used. Possible to see in Finland.
Offer: Furniture company , pine & birch furnitures, needed is low price lumber , price 2,5 milj euro

Furniture company complete with models & factory with modern machinery for producing furnitures from pine & birch wood plates, modern models for home and offices, company have produced furnitures over 30 years, now owner is in pension. Factory is still working, 9 workers + office personal, As raw material is high quality pine lumber (fresh ) needed 1000 m3/a and high quality birch lumber (fresh) 500 m3/a raw material.Drying in own kiln oven. Factory place area 0,5 hectares, production halls 2200 m2, modern MACHINERY in production line are following : 4-side moulder Gubish 6-spindels, moulder Weinig 5-spindels, milling machine Sicar, massive pine plate production line, two sanding machines, CNC machines SCM220 and SCM Record, sanding line for plates, wooden plate surface handling machinery, UV-spreader, drying channels, drilling machines, compressors, etc. It is possible to visit factory in Finland . In factory are working 9 workers + office person+ owners, Price for all things in factory is 2,5 mill. euro . Turnower was in this year 600.000 euro, PFOFIT was 10 % of turnower, It is possible to increase turnover to 1,500.000 euro/a& profit to 300.000 euro/a , if the buyer can deliver low price SAWN TIMBER ( priced 50...100 euro/m3 DDU factory) as needed raw material. There is now export to Japan and Sweden aproximately 10 % of turnower.
Key question of developing this mill is low priced , QUALITY PINE LUMBER.
In such case it is possible to increase turnower to 1,5 mil. euro/a and profit 300.000 euro/a
This year the
Offer: KARA circular log saw, stationary, 1993, electronic size setting, one-man operated Price 26.900 euro

KARA YS/1 circular log saw, one-blade, stationary, one-man operated, log lifting & manipulator & fastening hydraulic, blade sharpener 0,55 kW/400V/50 Hz, electric motor, saw driven with electric motor 37 kW/400V/50 Hz, electric swith box, used carpide tipped circular saw blades 3 pcs with , not much used, not dismantled in Finland.
Kara YS 1/10, 1989, portable, one-man operated,tractor driven, with upper sawblade driven from tractors
hydraulic, price 17.950 euro VAT 0%,
Laiemt 130, 1989, , portable, operated, hydraulic board receiving table, hydralic supporting legs, mechanical fastening of log, steering of log table with left leg, with 3 used circular sawblades, cutting capacity 150 logs in day, price 17.950 euro, VAT 0%,
Jara YS 1/11, 1991, stationary, one-man operated, all additionally steering devices for saw, with carbide tipped teeths in blades,
Price 17.700 euro VAT 0%, additionally Scania diesel drive.
Laimet 100 , 1997,stationary, one-man operated, with electric fence setting, with upper sawblade , with side board conical screw chipper HP-21, with electric box, cleaving saw Variamak 1983, total plant price 64.000 euro, VAT 0%
Offer: Fibre board factory complete, capacity 200 m3/day, 1700x 6180x3 mm, 1948, renoved, 699.000 euro

Fibre board producing factory, capacity 200 m3/day, complete mill, plate size 1700 x 6180 x 3 mm, Firbartors Sunds L 36", 1958, including pre-heating 400 kW, also 1959 & 1970 models, JylhavaaraDD900 1971 with pre-heating, forming machine Ahlstrom, 1949 renoved many times 1987, hot press Motala Sweden with 29 openings, laoding and unlaoding devices, pempering units 12 pcs, moistening Faesite Italy 52 m/min, Trimmin & sorting linen Mohog-Ingfor 1971, modified, 60 m/min, capacity 2700 pcs/shift, for size 1700x1250 mm, Printing line with conveyours & tables, 1974, brushing 1969, moistening, slat-conveyour Hildebrand 1975, roll-painter Burke 1974 54 m/min & 6 bar, cast painting LZW 1975 99 m/min & 80 bar, Dryer kiln infrared 1964/1975 , steam drying kiln Hildebrand 1975 12 bar 17 Mcal/h, printing mach Superfici 2003 50 m/mnin, 3...5 bar, roll-painting machine Burkle 1987 41 m/min 8 bar, UV-drying drying kiln Superfic 2003.
The mill is complete, not dismanled, in southern Finland.
Offer: Painting of sawn timber 10.000 m/8h/2-person with 'Easy Coat' machine Price 5.900 euro

Painting machine "Easy Coat" for sawn timber boards. Capacity 10.000 m/8 with two person working group. Maximum sizes board 180 x 70 mm, minimum lenght of piece is 800 mm (shorter in special order !).

Painting is possible for one, two, three or four sites of board. There are five sprying pieces, they all are adjustable, three bushing units , driven rollers in outfeed table, Wagner double diaphgragm pneumatic 3...4 bar pump for coating paints, like oil color, latex, redcolor, lacke, treeoil, etc.
electric engine 3 phase 0,37 kW for outfeed table,pneumatic steering of pain sprying, for additionl price inverter for 230 V electric currence -->>0,37 kW for price 320 €,
Alternative PAINTER for planed & moulded timber is type " EC".
Maximum balk size until now was 1200 x 400 mm. Basic model with two spreading units and by computer adjustable feeding speed 5...50 m/min is priced 18.500 € ,
additional spreader heads are priced 1.500 €/pc.
Sanding machine for painted sawn timber FC have price 12.000 €, other type of sanding machine HV 250/4 with turning arms have price 23.700 €, stacking unit for painted boards 200 pcs , with 32 places cost 32.000 €.
DRYING UNIT for oil painted boards, overall sizes 7x7x2,5 m is priced for 53.000 euro.
Thera is available automat infeed system (pneumatic) for automatic infeeding sawn timber from load to painting machine. Price is 82.000 euro.
"Easy Coat" sprying machines have been manufactured over 1.000 units since 1982.
Offer: Pulp mill CTMP, from 1985, capacity 300 tn/d, pine, spruce, birch, need 3.000 chips/d, price 8 M€

Pulp mill Chemical-Thermno-Mechanical-Pulping by grinding of wooden chips, refiner Sunds with ASEA motor 10 kV /8500 kW, Valmet head box, Valmet MB-former, drying section Flakt, Valmet automation, production capacity pulp 300 tn/d, need chips 3.000 lose-m3/day, annually need of pulpwood 400.000 m3.
For sale is whole machinery from pulp mill.Possible to see in Finland. As payment can be taken different wood , logs, pulpwood, chips, etc.
Offer: Circular log saw KARA Master-line , 2002 year, prod. 7.000 m3/a, 3 men, max.log 750 mm, 120.000 €

Circular log saw Kara Master sawing line for three workers, production capacity 7.000 m3 sawn timber (exactly cutted) annually, saw line made in 2002 year, stationary modell with 37 kW/400V/50 Hz electric main motor,
with 7 pcs used stellite tipped sawblades diameter 950 mm, upper saw with motor 18 kW and blade diameter 500 mm, for cutting max. log of 750 mm, electronic cutting fence setting with , with hydraulic log lifting device, hydraulic log adjusting in sawing talble , hydraulic log fastenig hook in feeding table, boxes for ready cutted sawn timber, Kara cant saw with 18 kW motor with two blades diam. 500 mm for canting boards,
Log debarking line with Cambio 66 debarker, year 1975, max. log 65 cm,
main motor 30 kW,
chipping unit of side boards for quality pulp chips, Laimet HP 25 screw chipper , stationary, main motor 55 kW, year 2005, for producing quality chips 20...30 mm lenght for pulp & paper industry,
This sawmill is situated and to see in South-Finland
Offer: Panel STV /STP , spruce 14 x 95 mm, quality A+B, PEFC-serti, price 0,55 €/m , EXW Finland

Panels STV / STP softwood spruce, 14 x 95 mm, Nordic quality A + B, certificate PEFC, high quality,
Wide range other panels, whole program, we can send to you a list of all panel products.
Offer: Moulder Weining 17 A with, 7-spindles, 1979 , price 9.100 euro

Moulder type Weinig 17A with 7-spindles, 1979 in working condition,
for additional price 1.650 cassette-infeed device for sawn timber pieces to be moulded,
additionally moulding knive sharpener MF-206N for max. 630 mm lenght, angles 35...90 degrees, motor ,55 kW/400 V, mass of machine 65 kg, price 860 euro,
Above machines are available in Finland.
Offer: Laimet 120 circular log saw, 1994, stationary one-man operated, own engin V-8,price 34..000 euro

Laimet 120 circular log saw, stationary ,mfg 1994 year, one-man operated, maximum saw log diameter 800 mm, with electronical sawing size 16..330 mm adjustment, with upper sawing blade 800 mm and motor 18 kW, with hydraulic log adjusting-turning device, log fastening with two hooks, log table throught 800 x 70 cm hydraulic movement from own hydraulic system, power drive from V8-6 cylinders diesel motor, blade sharpener 0,35 kW/12 Volt, saw with sawdust eaxhausting fan 3 kW, hydraulically operated log feeding system, steel frame 15 m, double frame 3 m. Under this unit is pedelstal.
Offer: Scarifier of forest ground for tree seedlings plantatione, 46.000 €

Scarifion spot maker pf forest ground for tree seedlings plantation in forest site. It makes spot place 30x10x5 cm for tree seedlings.
One-row spotter, installed in tractor's 3-point connection and tractor's hydraulic system.
(also connection to excavator possible). Efficient in work , prepares one hectar in two hours for seedlings. Basic tractor 60 kW and 4-wheel driven.
The two-wheels spotter need forest forwarder for drawing power 120 kW. Capacity is the double
Offer: Bandsaw Wood Mizer LT40 , horizontal, 2006 ,stationary,electric motor 15 kW/50 Hz, price 23.600 euro

Wood Mizer LT40 horizontal bandsa, stationary, year 2006, 17 hours used, max. log diameter 850 mm, max. log 6300 mm, nine cutting bands 32 mm, electric motor 15 kW/50 Hz, digital assembly of three cutting sizes, hydraulic lifting of logs, manually operated, in good condition .
Offer: Pellet production line,straw 1,3 tn/h pellets, pellet press OGM 1,5A, new line, price 130.000 euro

Straw pellet production line, new, complete, capacity 1,5 tons/h , pellet press OGM 1,5 A. Line is new and complete from straw receiving to pellets. transportband for bales, shredder of bales, hammermill , diameter of ready pallet 8 mm
Nominal need of electric energy 190 kW.
Offer: Pellets made from saw dust 5...30 mm lenght, 6 mm diametre for EKO- bio-heating

Coniferous wooden pellets from sawdust, humidity 20 %, diameter 6 mm, lenght 5...30 mm, ash content 0,5... 1,5 %, packed in big bags 1 tonne, delivered by railway to Kaliningrad
Offer: Harvester John Deere 1270 grip 754, 2006 ,11.500 working hours, price 190.000 euro

Harvester John Deere 1270 with grip 754, 2006 year, 11.500 working hours, in good working condition.
Offer: Sawing line HewSaw R200 for samll logs, prod. 150.000 m3 sawn timber, 9..30 cm logs, 369.000 euro

Hew Saw R200 sawing line 1996 (renowed 2006) for producing 150.000 m3 sawn timber annually. Log diameter 9...30 cm, complete line is now in working in Finland.
Offer: Mercedes Benz 3353 log transport complete unit with trailer & loader ,price 107.000 euro

Merveds Benz 3353, 730.000 km, year 2002, with log trailer and hydr. loading unit,
Offer: Forwarder John Deere 2006, 8.500 hours, load 12 tn, 6-wheels, price 12.900 euro

Forwarder John Deere year of mfg 2006, 8.500 working hours, with 8- wheels, two bands for wheels, load 5,4 m2, hydraulic loader reach 10 m, mass of unit 16,6 tons, computers in good condition.
Offer: Weinig 22AU moulding line 100 m3/day + bandsaw Waco BKL two bands, , 137.000 €

Weinig U 22A moulder, 1984, speed 50 m/min, max. moulding size 125 x 225 mm, moulder with 8 spindels + universal spindel, with all infeed & outfeed conveyors for moulding unit, moulding capacity by block 100x200 mm is 100 m3/in 24 hours,

To this line is connected double cleawing Waco BKL Twin bandsaw , year 1988, electric motors 230V/400V/50 Hz, feeding speed 25 m/min, with all necessary additional equipments.
You can cleave for exaple 320x 200 mm block to 3 pcs 100x200 mm balks.
Line is equipeed with all infeed and outfeed conveyors.
Additonally is coming 3 pcs blade sharpenings machines, blades, dust exhausters and two units condencation dryers for sawn timber.
All necessary equipments are available. Possible to see in Finland .
Offer: Moulder Gubish 172/7 , 4-side 150x175 mm, 5...30 m/m producing building block moulding, 4.900 €

Building block 4-side moulder Gubisch 172/7, year 1983, speed of infeed 5...30 m/min, moulder is in good working condition, for maximum block size 150 x 175 mm, with 7 spindels with one universal spindel, with building block making knives,
diameter of spindel 60 mm, RPM of spindel 6000 1/min, electric motors for spindels 4, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, and 4 kW, mass of moulder 2.600 kg,
Offer: Sawmill machinery complete,on base gang saws, 25.000 m3/shift/a sawn timber, Price 420.000 euro

Complete saw mill production machinery, annual capacity 50.000 sawn timber in two shift.
Machine lines: Log sorting line 1982, renowed, for 28 log boxes,
Debarker Cambio 66 ring debarker 1982 , including infeed and outfeed conveyors, metal detector for logs 2000 year,
Sawing line with two Soderhamn gang saws with new fundament 1966, and oneSoderhamn 511 cantsaw, cross-cutt saw for timber,
waste wood chipper Origo + Tahka chips sorting. Complete maciner for saw blade maintenance,

Drying paket forming machine PlanSell 1979,
Drying unit for 1600 m3 sawn timber,with six drying cabines, drying with hot air, heating boiler Sermet 1,2 MW 1990 with oil,

Sorting and packing line for dryed sawn timber, 1998 year with 30 sorting boxes,
Moulding line with Raute H11 1979 moulder, bandsaw Robinson 900 with speed 40 m/min,
Steam tubine for producing electric energy.
This sawmill is possible to see in South-Finland.